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Duplication vs Replication

You may have heard people talk about CD or DVD duplication or replication. Mostly people assume that it simply means making a copy of a CD or a DVD. This article talks about this in detail in simple terms. DVD duplication/replication is simply the duplication of optical media. Broadly speaking, it is the production of a small number of DVDs from original master copies to recordable CDs or DVDs.
Types of DVD duplication processes

Different options can be used in the two tape duplication procedures to give any disc the unsurpassed form. Different quality tests are used with both copying procedures to guarantee quality. The cost depends upon the quality, turn time and quantity. They are the most cost effective method for copying your CDs and DVDs. Depending upon the disc copying procedure; you can choose all the same shrink-wrapping and packaging alternatives. While we discuss the differences between duplication and replication methods, it’s a must to note some important points.

Keep the following in mind:

The copy shop’s CD or DVD duplication and replication services provide the highest quality and most competitively priced products possible. They can provide a complete array of packaged products from standard black and white printed labels to full colour disc imprinted labels. Your logo can be included at no additional cost if artwork is provided. Packaging options include paper sleeves, C-shell plastic cases, jewel cases or DVD cases. They can help you with customized packaging to meet your exact requirements.

Duplication vs. Replication:Duplication uses off the shelf DVD-Rs or CD-Rs. These discs are “burned” with the data or video in a duplicator machine and a full colour label applied and packaged to your specifications. Duplication is usually faster completion time (24-48 hours) and typically for smaller quantities.

Replication services are for larger bulk quantities (500+) with standard production time of 2-3 weeks. The discs are pressed through a glass mastering process with full colour impression on-disc printing and retail, professional packaging available. Many agencies outsource replication to their wholesale partner company to fulfill large bulk orders.  You can find out more at dex, go to this link.

The quantity combined with cost and timeframe required will usually determine whether you should choose duplication or replication.

Duplication vs Replication
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