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Popular Genres In Modern Fiction

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Whether you’re a reader or writer, it’s always helpful to stay up to date on what types of books are being read at the moment. As a writer, this is especially important, as you will need to know which niche to appeal to and how to get about it, so that you can structure your book accordingly. Readers will also benefit from knowing which genres are in vogue so as to be able to choose one that appeals to their tastes.

YA fiction

After the success of massively popular Young adult franchises such as The Hunger Games, there is no doubt that YA is one of the most lucrative markets in fiction today. YA therefore has many elements that appeal to the target audience such as adventure, romance and coming of age themes. A writer dabbling in YA fiction will need to incorporate these elements to come up with ideal interesting books to read for the target market. YA may also be a mixture of various genres such as fantasy and dystopian, so there is quite a diverse selection in this range.

Mystery and thriller

Real life mysteries and crimes have always captured the public imagination and it’s no different in the world of fiction. From Sherlock Holmes to Agatha Christie, no one can resist a well- plotted whodunnit. A good mystery should have a significant amount of suspense, a body or two, a red herring, an intriguing plot with twists and a sleuth who ties up everything neatly at the end. Popular mystery and thriller writers today include Dan Brown, Stephen King and John Grisham.


Like YA, fantasy too has become increasingly attractive, with various sections of the media capitalizing on its success in the literary world. If you look at articles about authors currently trending, many write fantasy or at least fiction with fantasy elements in them. Harry Potter, the most popular fantasy book series in recent times, has given rise to a spate of fantasy series not to mention a resurgence of interest in older fantasy authors.

Historical fiction

Historical fiction has always been popular, with many well known authors having written about historical events they didn’t necessarily live through; the best examples being Gone with the Wind and A Tale of Two Cities. History may not be everyone’s favorite subject, however poetic license can add a certain amount of spice to an otherwise dull historical event and breathe life into a long dead king or consort. Indeed, historical is a sought after genre today, crossing multiple categories such as romance and mystery. These are some of the currently popular genres in modern fiction.

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Popular Genres In Modern Fiction
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