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What Is Full Service Marketing Firm And What Is Its Work Expertise?

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If you read and hand around the world of marketing for a long period of time, then you will hear a number of interesting phrases and terms. For example, the “full service marketing agency”, would have certainly not heard about this term and after reading this, you must be curious to know what this term actually means?

A full service marketing agency (FSMA) is also known as an integrated marketing agency (IMA). These are the agencies that have the prowess of handling almost all the aspects of the process of advertising. This includes the strategic planning, production, creative and— at the present time when the internet has become such a handy application for everyone, the FSMA also handles the interactive marketing services.

Now, when it comes to selecting an agency to work with, many factors present that that one should take into consideration. However, the biggest advantage of full service marketing agency (FSMA) is that, you do not have to look for any other service provider. They work as a graphic design agency, communication agency, PR agency, everything. Basically, this agency is like one stop solution to all marketing related need.

Let’s have a quick look at various services offered by a full service marketing firm

  • Strategy
    In this category, they offer the service of market analysis, research assimilation, and brand positioning media strategy and testing
  • Creative
    This category of service includes brand engineering, copywriting, concept development, studio work and graphic design.
  • Data
    Data analysis and strategy, customer profiling segmentation, list procurement, data modeling
  • Communications
    Social, print and mobile media, email and direct mail, websites, online display, DRTV.
  • Interactive
    Application development and website design, email marketing, multivariate and A/B testing, paid search management and paid search services.
  • Production
    Digital and offset printing, complete data processing, web hosting and development, lead distribution and qualification.
  • Analytics
    Smart response capture systems (SRCS), comprehensive and simple reporting, dynamic business intelligence (DBI).
    They also offer the service of social media management in Sydney in addition to all the services mentioned above. The FSMA has become very popular in the recent period of time, because of some of the unique services offered by them. These agencies can be contacted for any kind of work related to the marketing product promotion.
    Nevertheless, when it comes to taking services from these agencies, one should remain careful and takes the services only from those agencies that have the experience of doing all types of work as well the work that you want them to do.

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What Is Full Service Marketing Firm And What Is Its Work Expertise?
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